Leave Your Wallet at Home, Gear Up for The Villa Week in Croatia

With summer creeping up and holiday planning in full swing, there is one particular adventure this year keeping me on the edge of my seat – The Villa Week. 

A luxury, all-inclusive holiday where you can “leave your wallet at home” (and I mean that literally) is right around the corner, and I am eager to see what exactly it has in store. But before I dig a bit deeper into my excitement, what exactly is this week of paradise all about?

“A James Bond lifestyle holiday without the stress” the founders would say to sum up it, and I think they are pretty spot on. 

Namely, The Villa Week is a complete holiday package for you and your friends where you get to experience the best that Croatia has to offer in the most extra way possible. And while the adventures, relaxation, and culinary delights of the trip are a definite win, I’d argue that the fact that every single detail of the week is meticulously thought-out and pre-planned for you and your crew is a close second – er, if not tied for first. 

While I have no expectations and a wild week of wonder ahead of me, a few particular aspects of the trip have me dancing in anticipation.

The Food

The Villa Week not only helps you wake up with a buffet breakfast each morning of local products, fresh seasonal fruit, and hot and cold delights coupled with a stellar sea view you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the world, but every meal on this week-long adventure has been carefully selected thanks to its perfection, quality, and exclusivity. Whether it’s a waterfront lunch on an island or at the top of a hill in a mountain tavern, The Villa Week is bound to bring you the best that this country can offer. From freshly-caught seafood to finger-licking-good BBQ, each meal The Villa Week serves promises to be authentic, local, and heavenly. And as a self-proclaimed foodie, I’m hungry for it all.


The Adventure

Because who doesn’t love a bit of an adrenaline rush? From motor yachts to Croatia’s iridescent caves to the rush of zip lining down Croatia’s greenest canyons, there is something to thrill everyone in the group. Quite frankly, I’m hankering for the helicopter tour overlooking the entire Krka National Park, because who else in their right mind isn’t? But hey, if you’re into horseback riding – you can do that too, or if you want to take Croatia’s hinterland by storm via ATVs, that’s also an option. Of course, this adventure includes plenty of time at sea for you to swim or get after water sports, and dancing until the sunrise is an event in and of itself. One thing is for sure – this week allows no time for boredom.

The Ease

But let’s not confuse boredom with having a bit of time to relax from all the fun. You and I both know that a bit of R&R is always welcome. This week in paradise makes sure you have just that. Because self-care is increasingly essential in today’s world, The Villa Week takes time in their packed schedule to make sure that you set aside some time for Y-O-U. Whether you choose to use the in-house masseuse, chill in the beach lounge, sunbathe above the waves or sweat it out from a workout, no option is a bad option. There is plenty of time to recharge, refresh, and revitalize on this packed holiday, and I ask myself again – what more could I want?


The Villa

And to round it all of, did I mention that the home base for the entire week is a luxury villa footsteps from the beach WITH a swimming pool? You might not believe me, but I am pretty sure this is what they call heaven on earth.

Wouldn’t you be excited about The Villa Week, too?