What is The Villa Week All About, Anyway?

A Brainchild of Croatia’s Best Bits of Tourism: What is The Villa Week All About, Anyway?

In 2019, so much of our travels are inspired by the social media feeds of our friends, idols, and the ever-so-present Instagram ‘influencer’. Because the activities in our day-to-day lives can be served to the social media world on a golden platter, or really, whatever color platter your mood represents that day, we are inspired more than ever to get after an adventure, jump out of our comfort zone, and do things as daring as the changing images beneath our fingertips.

Even more true in today’s tourism world is that adventures are often reliant on niches – bikers should take cycling trips, yoga teachers should attend yoga retreats, and cruises are best for retirees and families after ease. Unfortunately, this leaves out an enthusiastic group of open-minded voyagers who want to try it all.

So, what if we told you that across one week, you could live the ultimate holiday experience that has just the right dose of dressed-up luxury, action-packed adventure, and plenty of ‘do it for the ‘gram’ worthy opportunities?

Welcome to The Villa Week, where all of your holiday dreams come true.

Now, you might be wondering how this too-good-to-be-true and utopian-esque sabbatical exists, or how anyone dared to take on such a demanding venture in the first place – and we don’t blame you. But the recipe is quite simple. All it took was a group of kooky and like-minded go-getters who wanted to show that their country has so much more to offer than the copy-and-paste tourism that exists today.

And what did they bring forth? A perfectly crafted list of unforgettable experiences that locals and travelers would equally appreciate. A brainchild of the best bits of Croatian tourism that pays careful attention to how it can stimulate you best – from savoring self-care to adrenaline-fueled adventures, top traditional cuisine, and secret locations even the most seasoned locals couldn’t find.

The Villa Week is a 7-day-long retreat of whatever you want it to be.

It is a magical world of freedom with the option to choose what odyssey fits into your plans for the day. It is a fine-tuned and delicately detailed week away where you don’t have to move a limb if you don’t want to.

Imagine not having to think from the moment you step off the airplane to the cheeks you kiss to say goodbye. Or a flawless dinner without frantically collecting money to pay the bill at the end. Imagine getting to keep your wallet locked away at home for an entire week.

Or better yet, visualize having your hangover wishes granted as a masseuse joins you poolside to rub away the pain – and when the headache subsides? A private driver hurries you back to the fun via speed boat or luxury transfer.

You might think you’re dreaming, but this is what we like to call a James Bond holiday without the stress. A 007 getaway where you can expect everything and miss nothing. A world where everything is possible.

The Villa Week is more than a lavish all-inclusive holiday – it is an exclusive and unrivaled experience you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the world.

But in Croatia, it rests beneath your fingertips, ready to whisk you away to a promised land of wanderlust. And if you’re still not convinced, you can take a peek at our program here.

However, the biggest selling point may not even be the week itself, but the lasting memories, motivation, and inspiration you’ll have to feed your mental bank for a lifetime. The Villa Week will keep your cup of creativity full of beauty, bravery, and bliss. The adventure will power the machine that drives your revitalized spirit; an adrenaline rush no drug can buy.

The Villa Week is an approach to what a ‘holiday’ was envisioned as at its discovery. And now, you have the chance to unearth the best bits of Croatia, and uncover the best parts of you in the process.

Brace yourselves, The Villa Week is here to blow your mind.