Craft Your Dream Holiday with The Villa Week in Croatia

Yes, you heard that right. And while the title says it all, it leaves so much left to wonder.

Simply put, The Villa Week is designed as the ultimate getaway in paradise, and fortunately, lives up to exactly that. It is bliss for the daredevils after new experiences, heaven for jet-setters looking for luxury, and a utopia for the tranquil tourists in the group who consider wellness and leisure a priority.

The recipe for The Villa Week is not complicated – and as we’ve said before, it’s the ‘brainchild of the best bits of tourism’. Thus, it is a supreme escape that marries the fundamental elements of a dream holiday with what the destination does best to give you one hell of a good time. And one hell of a good time, you’ll have.

With over 40 experiences for travelers to revel in, The Villa Week not only promises something for everyone, but also makes a little extra room for those looking to take their holiday to the next level. Namely, in addition to the packed program already in place, Villa Weekers can now enhance their holiday with a selection of supplementary experiences.

Like the chance to explore the Blue Cave during our first yacht cruise around some of Dalmatia’s best islands. This cerulean attraction is the beautiful work of Mother Nature and was formed as the seawater eroded limestone on Biševo island. When the sunlight creeps through the crevice at the top of the cave and hits its white seabed, you’ll be mesmerized by a blue hue. It’s no surprise this is one of Croatia’s top experiences today.

The adrenaline junkies in the group can dip deep into the Cetina River canyon for a morning of mountain climbing and zip-lining on day three of The Villa Week, and choose to spend the afternoon embracing the wellness offer at the villa to soothe any sore bones.

When you don’t feel like moving far from the comfort of your sunbed on day four but are anxious for an adventure, take the villa’s jet skis out for a spin in the morning before a big day of sightseeing with the group in the afternoon.

On day five, we’ll take you to Inland Dalmatia for yet another cave exploration, though this time, you’ll delve deep into one full of stalactites and stalagmites, pillars and arcades; one named a protected geomorphological natural monument in 1963. Not long after, you’ll have the chance to switch gears from archaeologist to skydiver as we safely encourage you to jump out of airplane in the town of Sinj – and if you’re looking to make the most of your big day out, take a joyride on ATVs before paintballing your way through Dalmatia’s hinterland.

Perhaps one of the favorite experiences in the entire week is day six, when you spend the day on a mega-catamaran for a cruise around some of the region’s hottest islands. While you’ll already spend the day consuming cold drinks and funky beats thanks to the sounds of our resident DJ, you can take it up a notch by scuba diving in a bright blue Brač lagoon when we stop for a swim.

But that’s not all we have in store. After your day at sea, post up in the kitchen with our famed chef to recreate some of the delightful Dalmatian dishes you’ve been dreaming about during our exclusive cooking class. And with bellies and hearts full, you can choose to ride into Split in style in one of our stellar supercars. Is there really any better way to arrive at the casino for a night of gambling and winning?

The final day of The Villa Week does its best to ensure you won’t feel the blues of saying goodbye. To add an extra punch to the end of your holiday, hop on a guided tour of a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Diocletian’s Palace, and clear your head from the history with an exhilarating jet ski ride in the afternoon. The highlight of the day, however, comes with a sunset horseback ride up the mountain to meet the group for the farewell dinner at a local tavern.

The Villa Week builds the foundation for an unforgettable holiday while allowing you to tweak it to your liking. It is a getaway you get to take control of – with just the right dose of leisure, adventure, and luxury. You either pay for the additional perks, or you stick with the program. Remember, the week is in your hands. 

Say yes to The Villa Week’s additional experiences by adding those desired to your cart while booking. You can check out the full Villa Week program here.