From a TVW host perspective

Who cares what the question is? The Villa Week is the answer.

Now is the time really fill up your bucket list and join us in 2019 where you can expect everything and make sure you miss nothing. Don’t be put off by our James Bond style of holiday description as your hosts will take care of you without secret plans of how to throw you into the shark pool LOL.

Jokes aside, in order to be a good host, you need to be easygoing and to care about people. Always available and there for your group, with a smile on your face no matter what. In the end, it’s what you love to do. Just being able to share the excitement that our villaweekers get when they see or experience something for the first time, whether it’s the helicopter ride or just riding the horses up in the hills.

People who come to TVW expect to enjoy an all-inclusive week in luxury villas however they don’t expect the dynamic here with more than 20 exceptional events accompanied with delicious food and all kinds of different trips. Sugarcoat that with adventures like ATVs, jet skis, horses and zip-lines and the adventure of your life has begun, right? It’s packed with everything, yet again greatly relaxing because everyone can take a break and just relax in the pool if they wish so. Not many actually do, who would want to miss a helicopter ride or the mega catamaran but the sole opportunity not to stress out is the key. To put it in perspective all that together you get an experience of your life, building up true love for a new adventures and new people after a week with us.

Bear in mind we don’t do traditional stuck up host-guest approach, instead we create a relaxed atmosphere for you to feel like with your old friends. At least in Croatian culture, where most of our hosts are from, it’s a special occasion to take care of people and to welcome them. So, as a host I’m really proud to share the love of my home, and witness the many moments on TVW that make people happy and connect them sometimes even for life.