All the Ways You Can #StayHome during The Villa Week

The COVID-19 outbreak has swept the world like a hurricane to kick off what was meant to be yet another thrilling year for those of us wanting wanderlust. But while the relentless virus has disrupted many of our summer plans, it can’t stop us from bringing back the indestructible Villa Week.

A more modest edition of our action-packed Croatian adventure awaits this time around, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be having any less fun.

Because the #stayhome message is already deeply-rooted in our everyday lives, we thought we’d make the best of this new normal and show you all the ways you can #stayhome while having the time of your lives on The Villa Week this year. We understand that you might be hesitant to travel this year, and with all of the uncertainty in the air, we get it. However, it’s important to know that we have prepared this year’s program with your health and safety in mind.

While hotels and other accommodations can’t promise your total privacy from other guests, by booking a private villa with your family or friends on The VIlla Week, you won’t run the risk of mixing with anyone else!

The Parties

Whether it’s the welcome party, the farewell party, or the after parties, all affairs are held in the comfort of our villas. Dress up or dress down, let loose or chill hard; no club bouncer will be there to tell you what you can and can’t do. And the best part? Our house parties come with full-flavored feasts and flowing cocktails to keep the fun going into the early morning hours. Your bed is never more than a few footsteps away.

The Food

Speaking of full-flavored feasts, our breakfast buffet isn’t the only meal you’ll get to enjoy while admiring our villa view. While mornings on The Villa Week begin with hot and cold delicacies like local cheeses, smoked meats, chilled fresh fruits and squeezed juices, our barbecue dinner is something you’ll want to write home about. Juicy steaks and Croatian mixed meat favorites are accompanied by heavenly seafood and tasty vegan alternatives for those of you in the group with dietary restrictions. In a nutshell, you’ll never go hungry at home with us.

The Tastings

Because how else would you wash down The Villa Week fare? Not only will our expert sommelier take you on a wine-tasting adventure of some of the best local wineries, but you’ll get to explore the prized gins of the world during a gin tasting party led by the Villa Week cocktail master. If wine and gin aren’t your type, our fully stocked at-home bar offers an incredible selection of booze for your imbibing pleasure.

The Pool

There’s only one foolproof way to ease those sweltering summer days, and you’ll be thanking us later for this bright blue basin once all is said and done. As if you needed another reason to stay home, once you jump in our pool, you may never come out. Though our cushy loungers are the perfect place to swallow the sun’s rays for that glistening tan you’ve always wanted.

The Wellness

Have you ever dreamed of waking up and rolling into a day of wellness? From the coziness of your bed to the comfort of a massage table, our massage therapists are at your service from our sea view terrace to soothe your aching bones with their healing hands. And if you’re the active type that fancies fitness? Get your blood flowing and sweat going with a morning workout in the gym. Exhale the day behind you and inhale the new day ahead – you’ll need to build up the strength to endure another first-class day with us on The Villa Week.

Furthermore, apart from enjoying a variety of activities from the comfort of your villa, all of our active and outdoor experiences on The Villa Week, like mountain climbing, ATVing, paintballing and chasing waterfalls already practice social distancing – and we promise, being out in the Croatian wilderness can only boost your immunity.

So, who’s ready to #stayhome and #socialdistance with us?