10 New Reasons to Book The Villa Week in 2020

If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind holiday; a unique trip that brings together all the fundamental travel elements with a touch of adventure, luxury, and risk, then you’re in the right place. 

The Villa Week returns next summer bigger and better than ever – and while we already pack in more than 40 different experiences into a single week, in 2020, we’re taking you on an adventure of almost 50. 

Buckle up for our ride through everything new hitting The Villa Week next year.

Number One – Your Very Own Private Chef

When you dream about the ultimate summer holiday, one of the most deluxe amenities you can imagine is having the luxury of a private chef at your disposal. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be just a dream of yours any longer. Next year, The Villa Week chef will be at your service, ready to concoct the creations of your desires. Not only will you be able to enjoy quality meals in the comfort of your private villa, but so long as you’re in our hands, we’ll make sure your belly never grows hungry.

Number Two – Cook as Good as You Look

Because we know you well, and we know that once you return from a holiday, your tongue races about wishing you learned how to make your favorite dishes – and you’ll probably talk about them for the many years to come. So, why not jump in the kitchen with our celebrated chef and learn the classics of the local cuisine? This new activity allows you to dig into Croatia’s delightful meat and seafood delicacies – and you’ll get to test your culinary prowess on the entire Villa Week crew.

Number Three – Surprise, Surprise

We promise to move on from the food in the minute, but not before we tell you about the surprise dinner we have in store. Because traveling is the chance to jump out of our comfort zone, we’re here to make sure we stimulate all of your senses – and in this case, food is king. Consider this an opportunity to step into a world of flavors your tastebuds have yet to experience. If you give us your trust, we’ll give you a dinner you’ll never forget. 

Number Four – Learn to Fly

After all this talk about jumping out of your comfort zone, we’ll even have you jumping out of airplanes! But don’t worry, as there is no reason to fear – you’ll be jumping tandem with a skydiving professional who will ensure this rush of adrenaline is exactly how you dreamed it. Are you ready to fly?

Number Five – Drive in Style with Our Luxury Rides

Because this week is glittered with just the right touch of elegance, how else would we get you to casino night if it wasn’t by a Mercedes S Class or Porsche SUV? Or, if we’re feeling really lucky, a Lambo? We’ll parade you around in our luxury cars for a taste of high living – and who knows, maybe it’ll pay off at the roulette table in the end?

Number Six – Ain’t No Mountain High, Ain’t No Valley Low

And we’ll have you climbing it all. We’ll take you on an adventure exploring Croatia’s finest, with views of the coast, river, island, and old towns below you. Our climbing instructor will lead you along the Via Ferrata route, which follows the steep mountain rock. You’ll be hooked, harnessed, and harbored on the hike to the top of the mountain, where a fortress will greet you as a reward.

Number Seven – Scuba Under the Sea

Dive deep into Croatia’s underwater world with the expert guidance of our diving instructor during our epic day-long catamaran adventure. We’ll dunk you into a colorful crystalline lagoon where you’ll get to spend your time connecting with the marine life and vibrant undersea. 

Number Eight –  In Vino Veritas

In wine, there is truth – and when wine tasting, a good time is had by all. This is your chance to shine as a wine enthusiast as you taste and test your way through some of the best local wineries. Lend your ear to our leading sommelier as they walk you through the history of Croatian winemakers. You’ll pick up the perfect palate for this beloved adult beverage in no time.

Number Nine – Boogie Nights

Because a hot summer night and salsa dancing go hand in hand, we’ve prepared an after-seafood-dinner shimmy for The Villa Week crew. Get your twinkle toes on the dance floor so our salsa master can spin, swing, and sway you through the rhythm of this seductive Latino dance. You might be on holiday in Croatia, but we’ll transport you to the streets of Cuba with the heavy salsa vibes hitting our dance floor.

Number Ten – All of the above, and then some

Without these new additions, The Villa Week’s loaded program was already enough to say yes to the fun – but with everything we mentioned above, how could anyone say no? 

You can check out the full The Villa Week program!