Sail your day above and beyond sea level...

Enjoy a leisurely summer day sailing the mega-catamaran. Sunbathing above the waves to the famous Zlatni rat beach on Brac island with a cocktail party and DJ on board. Back home take a seat for the villa BBQ or take part in the cooking class, preparing to blast off with a super car to the casino roulette table.


08:00-09:00 BREAKFAST
Starting #DAY6 with a great breakfast. Our buffet table is filled with cold and hot delicacies, local products and fresh seasonal fruit. Make sure you memorize these great sea views for your breakfast back home.
Enjoy another amazing sea day on a mega catamaran with our cocktail party and resident DJ on board. Lunch with a view, sunbathe while levitating above the waves as we sail around Brac island visiting a few turquoise lagoons on the way to the famous Zlatni Rat beach.
12:00-14:00 SCUBA DIVING
In a beautiful island bay take a break from the life at the sea surface immersing yourself into the calm deep blue. Led with our pro diving instructors enjoy a mesmerizing new experience from underneath the sea level.
After the whole day at sea, kick off your flip flops back home in the villa and take a seat for our BBQ dinner on the villa terraces/pool. Delicious steaks, accompanied with vegan and seafood delicacies are prepared live in front of you.
20:00-22:00 COOKING CLASS
In parallel with the BBQ your private villa chef takes you up for a cooking class preparing a local dalmatian dinner consisted of an appetizer (adriatic sallad), main dish (scampi buzzara style) and desert (krostule & fritule). Show off your cooking skills and learn to cook something completely new, but even if you screw up  the BBQ grill master will still save the night.
When was the last time you drove a supercar? Get ready for some serious loud engine driving experience. However, if you feel more for just a ride for it we always have a luxury car solution.
23:00-01:00 CASINO NIGHT
When was the last time you gambled in a Casino? Let's have some serious fun and maybe even win some money as you get 100 Euro worth of chips to try your luck at the roulette table. Another night to remember if you're lucky enough, right?