Explore a cave and go on a safari but the highlight is the SKYDIVE

Our first stop of the day is the cave exploration as we go hinterland for lunch. Enjoy roasted lamb prior to our ATV safari and SKYDIVE for those who booked experiencing the best inland scenery. Back home, a seafood dinner is served directly at the beach and later we kick off the wine tasting party for an unforgettable night.


08:00-09:00 BREAKFAST
Starting #DAY5 with a great breakfast. Our buffet table is filled with cold and hot delicacies, local products and fresh seasonal fruit. Make sure you memorize these great sea views for your breakfast back home.
The inland day trip starts with a literally cool visit to the Vranjaca cave. Carved by water in white limestone it truly represents Dalmatian hinterland uniqueness. Get a chance to observe the extraterrestrial beauty from within mother nature herself.
12:00-13:00 RIVER LUNCH
As the ATV quad engines warm up, taste some local hinterland cuisine with a traditional roasted lamb for lunch. A carnivorous delight on the river setting will get you in the mood for some serious airplane and 4x wheel engine action.
14:00-16:00 SKYDIVING
Considered as the highlight of the entire Villa Week (at least by the courageous ones that did it) skydiving and a parachute landing is something that you'll remember for the rest of your life.
16:00-19:00 ATV SAFARI
The ATV adventure awaits as you choose driving alone or as couple all together led on our 3 terrain safari tour by professionals. Enjoy the drive on roads, mountain trails and even through water to get the best experience Croatian inland has to offer.
17:00-18:00 PAINTBALL
In the middle of the safari a paintball war is set up in an abandoned village. What an adrenaline filled break from an adrenaline filled adventure. But remember, the day is only halfway through.
21:00-22:00 SEAFOOD DINNER
Right on the beach beneath our villas a gala seafood dinner just for us. An outstanding mix of tuna, scampi, octopus, snapper and shellfish caught and grilled fresh from the ocean. As you already know there are always a vegan and options available.
The wine tasting party takes place right on the villa terraces to smoothy and calmly finish the amazing DAY#5 in style. Taste a mix of local wines presented by a professional sommelier while our DJ is always there to keep the atmosphere just right.