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What's included in the trip?
EVERYTHING in the program itinerary is included for the STANDARD price except the ADDITIONAL experiences marked with " * " that you select and add to your own personally crafted week during the booking process.
How many guests are in each bedroom?
Our villa bedrooms fit 2 to people. Master bedrooms have an extra bed so you can add a 3rd person if you're booking a Master bedroom.
Can I communicate with other guests on my week prior to the trip?
Yes! Our clients have the option to use the specific week group on our Facebook page. We'll also create a WhatsApp group chat to interact with guests and ask questions.
What's the age requirement to attend The Villa Week?
Although we focus on the 25-45 age group and our weeks include alcoholic beverages, we divert to a destinations legal drinking age which is generally 18 or 21.
Are food and drinks included in the trip?
Yes! Firstly there is a private chef in your villa 24/7 so you'll never be hungry nor thirsty there. Secondly both food as drinks in the form of exceptional local delicacies are included on the booked experiences on all the different spectacular places you visit.
Can I sell my ticket?
We allow you to sell your ticket you just need to inform us about the name change of the reservation.
What if I show up late or need to check-out early? 
Unfortunately, we do not provide discounts for shortened trips, however, we will make sure you're with us in your villa as soon as you arrive to the airport or any other nearby location of the destination.
Can I book now?
If you have a good sense of where you want to go and when, you can book straight away and invite your friends depending on the type of week/weekend that you are interested in. It’s always best to book as soon as possible to secure your (private or shared) week or weekend as well as accommodation type (bedroom / villa).
We organize private party events inside or outside the villas pools or at bars & clubs we attend. Nevertheless, if you like to rest you can just skip and chill the night in your private bedroom or apartment.


Choosing destination
For the moment, our event is exclusively held in Croatia. However, new destinations like Dubai, Montenegro and the Canary islands are planned as next future destinations.
Selecting dates
The Villa Week is 7 full days long starting and ending on a Saturday. Every day is different and you’ll be experiencing something new somewhere new every day with 40 different experiences during the week. The only thing that will remain the same is your comfortable bedroom and bathroom in your beautiful villa.
Can I pay in installments or do I have to pay all at once?
Upon selecting the room / apartment / villa of your choice you can pay in 2 installments. In order to book you pay a 500 Euro deposit per person with a credit card directly on our website through our booking system. The remaining balance is paid latest 60 days prior to arrival.
Browsing villas / choosing bedrooms
Take a look at the how it works section of the website. You can also take a tour in our gallery.
When will I receive the itinerary?
The itinerary is always online on the website. It will include all you need to know to prepare for the event. You'll also receive a detailed and short version of the itinerary upon booking.
Easy to organize
All you have to do is to arrive at the airport of the destination and inform us of your time of arrival. Everything else you simply leave to our team of hosts to guide you through the rest of your unforgettable week.
What is the gender ratio all about and how does it affect my booking?
The Villa Week aims for an overall equal gender balance. The ratio requirement is the percentage of males and females we expect to have in our villas. This is calculated taking into consideration the gender balance of people that have already booked a particular week. However, it does not apply for a private week.
Book now, pay later?
A deposit of 500 Euro per person is required for booking. However, you can secure the week of your life without splashing all the cash at once. Pay for your week in 2 installments, deposit and balance.
TVW price chart
The Villa Week all-inclusive prices start from 3000 Euro per person.
Split the cost
The booking is made by one person online - the Booker. If you're the Booker you can invite friends and each person can pay their share of the total price. Please note that the Booker is responsible for making sure payments are made on time.
What’s included in the trip?
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We organize private party events inside or outside the villas pools or at bars & clubs we attend. Nevertheless, if you like to rest you can just skip and chill the night in your private bedroom or apartment.
What we do
We create our programs with you in mind, seeking out both off-the-beaten-track locations, organizing exclusive activities such as a helicopter panoramic flights and skydive, pretty much everything that would be complicated and expensive to organize alone. We make sure you get complete assistance from our staff for any needs, and we see to it that you spend your time with an ideal sized group of 20ish like-minded people in a shared week.
Who are my fellow villaweekers?
Our clients are open-minded, brave and fun busy professionals from around the world in their mid twenties to mid-forties. All with one common idea to experience the ultimate holiday.

Advice / Packing

Travel Bag
Pack in a soft or hard suitcase – doesn’t really matter they’ll be safe and stored in your villa.
Dinners and party Events - dress codes
Our tavern and beach dinners are for all to enjoy and to remember - meaning all smart casual. Amazing sea views - Music and dance - From meat and seafood to vegan.

Closing party club night and Casino nigh require dressing up accordingly  – It's all in the name.

After beach party – Just beach causal

Gin tasting & wine tasting party in the villas – Hey you’re at home for this one!  Dress up, casual or smart it's your choice.

Bathing suits, flip-flops and sandals, sneakers for the horses, ZIP line, mountain climb and ATVs + if you hike or run the mountain trail or beach. In addition, restaurants are casual – shorts are fine. Sunglasses and a hat (essential). Evenings can sometimes be cool so bring at least one warm piece of cloth.
Sunscreen / Lip balm (with SPF). Waterproof mascara for the ladies. Anti-nausea medication if you get sea sick.
Essentials and nice to have’s
Country flag, European adapter / Aux cable, Phone charger and battery pack, GoPro.
Travel insurance - Valid credit card / Valid passport.
What not to pack?
Heavy clothing Linens, pillows, towels - it's all provided for you here already.

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