How it all came to be

Long before social networks back in 2004, GG, a medical student from Split Croatia, started
renting his family villa and founded the Villa GG. The not very original name got
remembered and back in time got popular on eBay as specialized platforms like todays
TripAdvisor and Airbnb barely existed. In the meantime, while constantly upgrading the
property and exploring internet marketing, he brought together a unique mixture of young
experts from around the country that helped create a complete holiday destination. Offering
unique holiday packages (thanks to the knowledge passed down from our former guest Mr
Rich Lambert), with several villas to offer often booked 2 years in advance, we were still
seeking out new ways to improve.


Soon we realized that our outstanding crafted holiday packages reach far beyond what the
average villa renters groups consume. So, as it often happens in life the idea for The Villa
Week was born by chance in Trinidad and Tobago where another former guest and friend Mrs
Sonia Ramdoo Ganga, invited us to her Indian wedding. Namely, as these weddings last for
days, Sonia created a balanced itinerary with a little of everything from leisure pool time and
sightseeing trips and night club parties at night. Us 30year olds hanging out together had such
a good time that we concluded we want something like this for every future holiday. We
needed an all-inclusive holiday with great accommodation beautiful yachts and minibuses for
land and sea trips, and a dash of adrenaline adventures and parties with enough time and room
for rest, as flexibility so one can even skip an entire day and rest by the pool if wants so. All
this combined in a one single price so you don’t bother with money throughout the holiday
and therefore truly relax. We couldn’t think of a better way to achieve this than to put it in our
exceptional villas – in Croatia – and so it all came to be – and so it’s all here now for you to
The first ever Villa Week was held in July 2017 in Split, Croatia. The event was offered to
our previous guests and friends of VillaGG and all 20 spots got booked in a few days. Now
from 2018, we continue to expand and build up the entire experience to perfection with
exceptional events being added like the helicopter flight creating an entirely new kind of
unparalleled luxury holiday experience.


Our vision is to create a unique all-inclusive holiday with literally meaning it includes
everything from accommodation, food and drinks to all events and complete itinerary with
service put on a whole new personal level, so you only need to arrive to the airport of your
destination in order to enjoy an exceptional holiday. We believe that good people make all the
difference so The Villa Week will always remain exclusive, never massive and what better
way to do it than holidaying with your new best friends from all over the world.
So, it has been in the beginning, in 2004 with the Villa GG, and so it will continue with The
Villa Week – the expect everything miss nothing – holiday experience evolution.


Welcome to our very own personalized website where we do our best to give you an idea of
The Villa Week all-inclusive holiday experience. Enjoy using it, and if you are interested to
spend your holiday in a completely new way it will be my pleasure for me and my team to
welcome you to The Villa Week.