Archive of month: February 2019

From a TVW host perspective

Who cares what the question is? The Villa Week is the answer. Now is the time really fill up your bucket list and join us in 2019 where you can expect everything and make sure you miss nothing. Don’t be put off by our James Bond style of holiday description as your hosts will take […]

House of Coco

When did you launch the brand and what was the reason behind it? I attended a wedding in Trinidad in January 2017 with a real mix of people. The guests were of all age groups, but I noticed early on that the 30-somethings automatically gravitated to each other quite quickly and got along exceptionally well. […]

How it all came to be

Long before social networks back in 2004, GG, a medical student from Split Croatia, started renting his family villa and founded the Villa GG. The not very original name got remembered and back in time got popular on eBay as specialized platforms like todays TripAdvisor and Airbnb barely existed. In the meantime, while constantly upgrading […]